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Grand Royal Tours proclaim the simple slogan of "We Make Sweet Memories“. With over 16 years of experience, we understand the special needs and requirements of travelers with special emphasis on regional languages and rural people. The company began its operations by providing travel and tour services mainly to small groups. As the company grew, it started to expand its operations to tailor made holidays, and corporate travel.

Grand Royal Tours is a dynamic organization seeking to constantly explore new avenues in the travel and tourism sector. We offer excellent quality group tours with Tamil speaking escorts and have won thousands of hearts by putting thousands of smiles on the faces of travelers. Grand Royal Tours have organized more than 500 group tours to destinations all over the world. Among those who have travelled with us are people of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka and Kerala. We provide Tamil foods for Tamil people in all of the cities we tour, and also a Tamil tour guide. To further enhance its competitiveness, the company has embarked on various expansion plans to strengthen its position in the Indian tourism industry. Happy and satisfied guests have added loads of confidence to plan for the future and work towards our vision.

As for our motto of making sweet memories, we have been doing this wonderful service in tourism and hospitality management for 16 years, and with the blessings of our happy customers we intend to go making sweet memories long into the future. We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our tours very soon.

Unique Itineraries

We know it's the little things that will make your tour special, and our passion lies in getting the details right. Each of our itineraries is handcrafted by our team of travel experts to be an exciting and memorable experience from the moment you are greeted by your Tour Director until you return home. Every Traveler wants to see the world in his or her own way, so flexibility and personalisation are factors we consider when creating itineraries.

Each trip in our portfolio includes opportunities to add excursions or tour extensions, or add any number of days to your stay with flexible flight options. Another way that our tours really stand out is our Right Size Advantage. By travelling the World in Smaller Groups-capped at 14 to 38 travelers, well below the industry standard of 45+, you are able to have a more personal experience at no additional cost.

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Planning the best travel experiences from start to finish is what our team is specially trained to do.

We'll help you find your tour, show you how to customise it with excursions that fit your travel style and even share tips for packing and preparing to go.

Once you're on tour, you can get in touch at any time thanks to our team of 24/7 On-Tour Support Specialists.

Quality is of the utmost importance, so we have a dedicated team that reads every single review that we receive and makes updates as needed.

Tour Managers

Your Tour Managers live and breathe local culture and customs. Truly citizens of the world. Tour Managers are local insiders with years of experience in sharing knowledge of regional culture and history with travelers. They shall be the smiling face you meet on your first day, and the new friend that guides you every step of the way as you explore your destination.

You can trust your Tour Manager to handle all the logistics and provide you lots of background on each place you visit on tour. From knowing where to get the best cup of coffee to giving a dramatic retelling of the history behind an iconic landmark, your Tour Managers will be your go-to expert.


The Excitement of exploring the world can really tire you out. That's why we select each of our hotels based on comfort and location to ensure you can rest easy each night of your trip. Our team on the ground visits every single property to find the best accommodation for you.

How We Stand Apart?


To be the Best Tour Operator in South India.


"We Make Sweet Memories".








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We can get you where you want to go-it's that simple. We are able to offer a wide range of round-trip flight options that can get you to and from your destination comfortably, and with great value for money.

Since we are able to fly you into one airport at the beginning of your tour and out of another at the end, we create itineraries that make the most of your time. You won't waste travel days backtracking to where you started.


In addition to your Tour Managers, who know their regions inside and out, your local guides will be true experts on their specific cities.

We are able to use the best of the best and most experienced guides, adding another level of expertise and hospitality to your sightseeing.



Travel at its luxurious best at very affordable prices.



Endless Discoveries.



Exclusive events, priceless memories

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