Gandhi Statue is a four-meter statue of Mahatma Gandhi is surrounded by eight granite pillars, which were supposedly brought from Gingee, a fort some 70 km from Pondicherry.Located across as an integral part of Pondicherry’s colonial past. The 2.88 m tall statue of Dupleix stands at the southern end of the park. Even though Dupleix left Pondicherry in 1754, French recognition of his contribution came only in 1870, with the commissioning of two statues-one in Pondicherry and the other in France. It is situated in Goubert Avenue. Another example of the French influence in Pondicherry is a marble statue of the heroic French damsel Joan of Arc, which is located in front of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels. The statue is placed in the middle of a garden.statue was erected in 1923. It is situated at Dumas Street.

The French War Memorial on Goubert Avenue is reminder of those brave soldiers who laid down their lives, for their country during the First World War.It was built in 1971. Every year on 14 July (Bastille Day) the memorial is beautifully illuminated and homage is paid to those brave martyrs.

Aayi Mandapam (Park Monument) is a white monument built during the time of Napoleon III, Emperor of the France. It is situated in center of Bharathi park. The monument commemorates the provision of water to the French city during his reign. It was named after a lady courtesan called Ayi. She destroyed her own house to erect a water reservoir to supply water for the city.

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